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Shanghai Teas

From China to the Rest of the World

Welcome to Shanghai Teas!

We are a group deeply connected to China, dedicated to sourcing the absolute best Chinese teas and sharing them with tea lovers worldwide. Our journey began in 2022 when a group of expats living in China realized that the teas they found here were of superior quality compared to what was available back home.

At Shanghai Teas, we strongly believe in the importance of ethically-grown teas. We find teas that are cultivated in a responsible and sustainable manner, supporting local tea farmers who share our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our mission is to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world by delivering exceptional Chinese teas straight from the source to your doorstep.

With each sip of our carefully selected teas, you'll experience the rich flavors, captivating aromas, and centuries-old tea traditions that China has to offer. Join us and indulge in the finest quality teas that China has to offer.